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Crown of thorns tattoo

Worcester’s best tattoo shop

In 2006 we launched this dream.The idea was to have a tattoo shop that was an environment of creativity, friendship, and tattooing that is clean, classy, and bold as tattooing was intended. With constant forward motion, growing and learning, the personality of the shop evolved into something amazing. In 2012 we decided to “rebrand” ourselves, and changed the name to “Crown of Thorns Tattoo”.

We are located at the bottom of Grafton hill here in Worcester. The shop is deceiving from the outside; once you step in the door, you’ll quickly realize this was not the shop you expected.  Beautifully adorned walls of original artwork just seem to overwhelm your senses.  The hall is stacked floor to ceiling with all original flash paintings done by our very own artists. We’ve got thousands of designs to choose from, or simply be inspired by if you want us to design your very own piece. We do prefer you have some sort of an idea of what you want, and then we can take it from there.  With 5 artists to choose from, you’ll have no problem making your tattoo idea a reality.

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