The Team

Ben Mack

Ben is the proud owner of Crown of Thorns Tattoo, and the tattoo machine company Mack Machines.  As a tattoo artist, He has been   recognized for his diversity in style from Fine Line Black and Grey to  Japanese styled tattooing and Americana. His tattoo work has been recognized in numerous multi-national tattoo publications .




Shane is a Horror enthusiast, dog lover, and honorary Simpson’s family member.  He thoroughly enjoys tattooing Black and Grey realism, Portraits, and anything Pop Culture or Horror related.  Coming from a long lineage of wizards, he is uniquely qualified to literally bring any idea to life.


After being on the road for a few years, Eamon is back in black. Having been influenced by many cultures in his travels, he enjoys many styles of art and tattooing. Eamon is happy to work with any idea you have but excels with American / Japanese designs with a cartoon style flair.


Gery has been making art since a child. later attending art school and becoming heavily influenced by the culture of graffiti artists, he developed a unique, bold and colorful illustrative New-School style.

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